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Traffic in cities is constantly increasing. Due to the growth in traffic particularly in urban areas, there is an increasing need for areas with stationary traffic. Parking surfaces have to be arranged as evenly and reasonably as possible, due to the need for the rational use of space in cities.

Manual and mechanical parking systems have been replaced with more advanced and complex parking systems which, in addition to the marketing of parking surfaces, also enable complete integration with other advanced technologies of the modern information society.

A clear vision and a team of experts as the key to the provision of innovative parking systems and services have positioned Traffic Design as a leading high-quality provider of automatic parking systems in Slovenia. Traffic Design has the highest number of implemented automatic closed parking systems in Slovenia. Our strength lies in the successful implementation of new parking systems in cooperation with the requests and needs of individual clients.

In general, a parking system consists of entry and exit terminals, where a user enters or exits the parking area, gates which prevent uncontrolled access, an automatic cash register for payment, and the central section of the system, which records all transactions and data on parking and enables statistical operations and reports. Other systems, such as automatic license plate recognition that enables access of known users, the contactless card system and many more, can also be implemented, depending on the requests and needs of clients.

The range of TRAFFIC DESIGN’S parking activities:

  • Parking systems for managing parking spaces in car parks and parking garages,
  • Development and implementation of control centres and parking system management,
  • Systems for informing participants in traffic on the availability of parking spaces,
  • Design and planning of parking systems,
  • Supply and installation of parking systems,
  • Maintenance of parking systems,
  • Management of parking systems.

The product range of parking systems covers PM ABACUS system, deployed to meet the most ambitious parking requirements and SLIMPARK – the professional and economical parking solution especially designed to meet the requirements of more compact car parks.

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