Electronic Toll Collection System

On April 1, 2018 the Electonic Toll Collection System on the entire Slovenian motorway network was introduced for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons. Q-Free was selected together with Telekom Slovenije as a consortium partner.

The toll is collected using DarsGo OBU device mounted in a vehicle that communicates with roadside equipment installed on toll gantires along each motorway section and collects distance-based toll. The system is fully compliant with the provisions of European Directive 2004/52 / EC and Decision 2009/750 / EC, and enables multilane free-flow itolling for various tolling clasees (classification according to the number of axles and EURO emission class).

The system consists of various components and subsystems:

  • 133 toll gantries installed on slovenian motorway road network operated by DARS in length of 623 km,

  • 15 enforcement gantries checking the compliance of the vehicle,
    20 mobile enforcement vehicles,
    151 customer service points,
    5 Central OBU Personalization and Distribution Units

  • toll station Hrušica in front of Karavanke tunnel on the border with Austria – 6 manual lanes and two combined free-flow tolling lanes

  • 54 units for manual enforcement of more than 250 000 DarsGo OBU devices,

  • Central system for collection of transactions and supervision of the system, WEB portal, application of the offense body, payment by credit cards,

  • Central Back-office System for Invoicing including CRM system, document system and MM distribution system OBU (in the domain of Telekom Slovenije)

  • Call Center (in the domain of Telekom Slovenije)

  • A complex monitoring system for 24-hour monitoring of the operation of all subsystems and devices

    The system is operated by the Slovenian motorway operator DARS while maintained and technically managed by Q-Free together with the consortium partner Telekom Slovenije for the period of ten years.

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