The company Q-free Traffic design was established in 1990. Our business has always been in the development, integration and implementation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) in road traffic, and has thus remained faithful to the fundamental strategy of our founder.

Electronic Toll Collection System

On April 1, 2018 the Electonic Toll Collection System on the entire Slovenian motorway network was introduced for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons. Q-Free was selected together with Telekom Slovenije as a consortium partner.

Traffic management systems

With the introduction of Traffic Management Systems on Slovenian roads, Traffic Design opened a new chapter in the development and offer of modern Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) systems in road traffic.

Parking systems

Traffic in cities is constantly increasing. Due to the growth in traffic particularly in urban areas, there is an increasing need for areas with stationary traffic. Parking surfaces have to be arranged as evenly and reasonably as possible, due to the need for the rational use of space in cities.

Latest news

Setting up the enforcement gantry

Through the link below you can watch a short movie showing the installation of the enforcement gantry equipment:

Informing drivers about congestion on the highway off-ramps

Although a small-sized city by comparison with other major settlements elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the world, Ljubljana nevertheless suffers its share of rush hour-related congestion. Q-Free Traffic Design has been helping DARS, the national highway operator,...

Signature of the contract for toll collection in free traffic flow

On 6th September, the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS d. d.) signed a contract on setting up and operation of a multi-lane electronic toll collection system in free traffic flow on motorways and expressways with the consortium of Telekom...

With its turnkey solutions, Q-free Traffic design provides the right answers to questions on how to manage traffic today, tomorrow and in the future.

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