Q-Free Traffic design implemented four new bicycle counters with additional LED displays on four busiest bicycle paths for the Municipality of Ljubljana. The system uses established piezo-electric sensor technology to detect bicycles in dedicated cycle ways. Unique algorithms are used to measure the axle count, speed and wheelbase to distinguish true bicycles from other traffic including child scooters, motorbikes and mopeds. Cyclists are informed about the daily and yearly volume of the traffic via two variable message signs located at counting site.

Counting initiatives show that level of bicycle activity is increasing nationally but vary significantly, due to differences in infrastructure, neighborhood socio-demographics, urban design, land use, and other characteristics of the built environment. Measures of bicycling patterns, such as peak hour traffic and average daily bicycle traffic, could be used in planning and management to estimate daily or annual traffic, compare mode share, or design facilities. Counts can be used to estimate demand for facilities, the potential benefits of investments, and the need for traffic control modifications.

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